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Here are the present members of Battersea District Scouting:  If you know who you are looking for, you can skip to their entry by clicking on the start letter of their surname on below.  To return the top of the page and the menu, just press Ctrl+Home together on your keyboard.  To go to the bottom of the page (Z), just press Ctrl+End.

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Barkley Gary 31st Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Barkley Kelly 12th/14th
Barnes John 31st Chairman
Barnett Jonathan 12th/14th Assistant Venture Scout Leader
Bright Richard 12th/14th Assistant Venture Scout Leader
Brook Danielle 12th/14th Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Burt Terry Fellowship Appointments Chairman
Clayton Roger 12th/14th Instructor
Costello Carlos 7th Scout Leader
Deane Elaine 16th Cub Scout Leader
Eastmond Derek 16th Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Endrich Dee 31st Beaver Scout Leader
Farrell Gareth 31st Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs)
Cub Scout Leader
Group Scout Leader (Acting)
Gunn Fiona 7th Minute Taker & Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Hapgood Peter 16th District Commissioner
Hatton Stan District Treasurer
Honeyball Jacquiline 12th/14th Cub Scout Leader
Howes Eileen 12th/14th Treasurer
Hurford Linda 12th/14th Cub Scout Leader
Hyde Pam 12th/14th Secretary
Inger Chris 12th/14th Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Inger Lisa 12th/14th Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Jones Russell District Chairman
Lloyd Ian 12th/14th Instructor
Lloyd Malcolm 12th/14th Instructor
Lloyd Stephen 12th/14th Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Lloyd Sue 12th/14th Distribution Secretary
Masson Andrew 16th Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Masson Christine 16th Scout Leader
District Secretary
Read David 12th/14th Joint Sponsoring Authority
Rogers Alan District Webmaster
Saunders Peter Scout Centre
Schöpp Barbara 12th/14th Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers)
Beaver Scout Leader
Appointments Secretary
Schöpp Christian 12th/14th Scout Leader
Shepherd John 12th/14th Joint Sponsoring Authority
Waldron Alan 12th/14th Instructor
Walters Dennis 12th/14th Instructor

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